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The Real Yoshi's Story

from shyguys to bowsers, this yoshi's got it all in her life

8 May 1990
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by misswoodihut at ebisu_midnights

by april_0410

by murii, also at Love So Sweet Forums

I'm a HUGE MaoJun shipper... as most of you probably already know. It hurts not being able to converse about them in real life without scaring my drama-crazed friends half to death. -_-' Thank God for ebisu_midnights.

I know that many fellow MaoJun shippers out there wonder "What's with the icon?" when they see me immersed in the Maotsujun fandom online. Yeah... I notice it too- sticks out like a sore thumb when I'm commenting on LJs.
I get tempted too (as icons are so very pretty, especially when they pertain to MaoJun), but I doubt I'll ever change it. I love it very much, and it holds a special place in my fanfiction heart.
*ahem* If you read Harry Potter fanfiction, the icon will make a lot more sense.

Oh? Yeah. I'm a Harry Potter fanfic writer too. ^-^() But, I kinda-sorta retired from that when I got a hold of the cuteness of MaoJun. It's addicting.

Somehow this:
+ + + +



I'm not really sure how either but I love it.

I especially love Ohmiya (because they're as obvious as a slap in the face):

and Sakuraiba (because they're like brothers, like father-and-son, like best friends, and also very much like guys who would make out when drunk):

Who am I kidding, I ship Mao/Arashi. I love them so much. They all are such good friends in realy life it makes me squee. It does, it really does:

Asides from my main fandoms of Maotsujun, Arashi, and Inoue Mao, which I'm here on LJ for, I fandom Nintendo's green dinosaur, Harry Potter, Darth Vader, Chunella, Mars (the manga), Pokemon, Blizzard Entertainment, James Bond, Disney princesses and R2-D2. I also love theatre and foreign cinema and music.

Please feel free to add me. I generally won't add you back unless I know who you are, but I like making new friends so... yeah. ^_^ Also, by default, I'll add anyone from Love So Sweet forums. *grins*

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