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Hi, as the banner says, this LJ is semi-friends. You don't have to friend me to see any of my fanworks though as I only lock my personal life blogs. ^_^

My name is Melody, and I'm an International Security & Conflict Resolution major. Like everyone who lives in Southern California spoiled with good weather, I always seem to find a way to complain about it ("It's so sunny!"; "Why doesn't it ever rain?"; and when it finally does rain: "Of all days, why does it have to rain today?").
I write fanfiction-- a lot of it, and I bring it everywhere with me. ^_^ Lately, I wish I'd do the same with my sketchbook.
I work as a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a best friend. It's tough sometimes, but the pay is always fulfilling. ^.~

Chitter chatter aside, here's all the fanfiction I've ever 'published' under my pen name pertaining to Maotsujun and Arashi organized from oldest to newest in their respective categories. Also there's recommendations to my favorite fanfics. More info and fanfiction index under the cut~

“I purse my lips on purpose, and without waiting for your turn to say ‘sorry,’ I go ahead and kiss you gently.” – Niji, Ninomiya KazunariCollapse )
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09 March 2014 @ 08:19 am
I figured I might as well post a wishlist here because... I do have one. ^-^() I will forever love you if anyone ever writes one of these or points me out to a place that answers the wish. *huggles flist and anyone else reading this*

People have already completed some of these wishes! I'm so touched! I didn't expect them so soon!!! *tears up*  All of these wishes are still open to anyone who wants to do them, of course. *hugs* But the ones that are complete I'll post under each prompt for everyone who wants to see these fulfilled too. Some I haven't posted yet because I'm waiting for permission to put them up for pubic viewing. ^_^ Thank you SO SO SO much again. My gratitude and love for you guys... *so touched*

1. Inoue Mao / Ohno Satoshi fanfic. The gentle couple. Oh come on guys, the pairing name MaoOhno looks adorable, you gotta admit. I don't mind if it's a friendship-only fanfiction, but I prefer a fluff/romance one. I would cry if someone ever wrote one because I know this would be *SUCH* a cute pairing. Could you imagine how many soft laughters and giggles would be exchanged between these two? *tear*
2. crack!fic where Nino/Ohno and Jun/Mao got into a fight, so they "switch" partners and try to get the other jealous~

picture credit: satoshi_teesan
3. A drabble with Jun's first reaction when he finds out that Aiba Masaki is Mao's favorite Arashi member.

4. Inoue Mao icons of her during graduation.

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20 December 2012 @ 01:39 pm
Title: Lead Me Astray
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi/Inoue Mao
Length: Long one-shot, 7785 words
Rating: M
Warning: This is smut. I was just playing with the idea that Ohno is good at everything he puts his mind to. Like kissing. Foreplay. And sex.
Summary: Ohno Satoshi escorts Inoue Mao home after a party. Mao decides to invite him in.

Inoue Mao giggled and shook her head. "No, I really should be going home now. I have work in the morning."Collapse )
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25 February 2012 @ 07:10 pm
I can't paint at all and this painting class is really a struggle to go through since the teacher's style is "copy this. Go." with no lecture or teaching of painting technique or anything. I am already half way through the semester and am still unsure if I'm holding my paint brush correctly. I am so over this class but I can't even drop it because I need it for graduate school and I'm too far in the semester. I hate painting. =(

Anyone have anything inspirational, or tips, or something?
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27 October 2011 @ 12:01 am
A part of "Love Poem" by Rudy Francisco. I feel like every girl should watch this. ^-^ Full version under the cut.

‎"And when God made you... he cussed for the first time. He turned to an angel gave him a high five and said-- 'God DAMN I'm good."Collapse )
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Title: Strength

Matsumoto Jun turned a corner and walked down the hall in long, even strides.Collapse )

Author's note: I know that was tough for Jun (and Mao), but I have a bias for this ship so I put it for a rough ride and wanted to see where it set sail. I'm proud of Jun.

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04 June 2011 @ 10:20 pm
Title: Lips of an Angel
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari / Yoshitaka Yuriko
Rating: PG
Summary: Nino gets into a fight with his girlfriend and receives an unexpected phone call from a friend. Written in response to the rumors of Nino dating Nozomi Sasaki.
A/N: Songfic to “Lips of an Angel” for novemberbaby because she’s awesome and patient and wonderful and I wanted to write her something because I owe her so much! I heard this song and thought of this pairing.
Link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiSfTyrvJlg

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11 May 2011 @ 03:36 pm
Tammy may kill me because I'm posting this part before I send it to her for a proper beta, but I just want to do some shameless self plug before I post the complete thing (because a part of me thinks I've been forgotten in Livejournal *sad face*). Honestly, I'm falling in love with this fic I'm writing and I kinda-sorta don't want it to end just yet. haha
Besides, I'm completely revamping it anyway because I realized I'm only like half way done without edits and the fic is already 20 pages! I need to do some serious chopping of scenes and wrap it up nicer so it flows like a fic and not some crack-ish drama. x_x haha ANYWAY. Without further ado... I present to you the prologue/prequel/intro of my newest fic.
Title: untitled
Pairing: Inoue Mao / Ohno Satoshi
Rating: R
Summary: err, the portion of this fic I'm posting is pretty much a summary of the fic. *cough*

"A new place to live, huh?"Collapse )
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04 August 2010 @ 01:54 pm
Doesn't Nino's solo "1992*4##111" sound reminiscent to Ohno's "Kumorinochi Kaisei"?

Especially the end.



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